One Of The Best Things I’ve Done For My Business Is This

One of the best things ive done for my business is this

Yes, I know it’s been a while since my last post … I could give you lots of excuses, but the truth is, I’ve just had an awful lot on my plate and doing the usual – biting off, more than I can chew scenario.

But enough of excuses, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and rev things up, just a little bit.

You can be extremely busy in your business and still never seem to achieve any results.

Have you ever had that feeling of swimming around in circles and never really seeming to get anywhere !

I occasionally have these thoughts  … And sometimes it’s only when you take a step back from your business, that you can start to analyse what is working and what is not.

I’ve had time to do this recently.

One of the things that I knew would help my business (as it will do any business), is to help others first, this will always out-win any other tactic !

We can get stalled by overthinking things and then end up doing nothing. Paralysis by analysis !

I took the decision (although a scary one), to create a free course, that really helped people over the stumbling block of setting up a blog/website.

laptop analytics

Having a presence online and a means of communicating with your audience, is one of the best things any business can do to break down the barriers between you and your customers.

Although my blog is the perfect medium (both for finding new customers through Google searches and using social media), I discovered that the free ‘Blogging For Profit’ course I created is helping so many more people to discover both me and my brand.

As I already hinted above though, I didn’t make the course about me or charge for it, I made it about my visitors and the very easy steps they can take, if they wish to create their own brand.

I know it sounds scary and yes, of course you will have challenges along the way and technical obstacles to overcome, but you know what – Everything is doable ! With bite size steps you can do anything.

How do I know ?

Because A) Some people get afraid of putting themselves out their and worry about being judged

and B) Some people think they don’t have anything to share with the world.

I’ve been in both these positions and had these exact same thoughts and the only way to get over it, is to get over it.

ideaTackling problem A) …. It really doesn’t matter what people think – Some people will like what you have to say and the way you say it. Others, can find their own way – In this life you ain’t gonna please everybody – Fact of life my friends.

And B) This was a big one for me – However, again don’t worry about this – You either know things you can share with your audience OR you pick things up along the way and SHARE what you learn, as you go, in your own unique way – This is the thing. Everyone is different and you’ll relate to some people – These are the ones which will likely become your customers.

Everyone has their own unique way of spreading their own joy and you will find your way too !

My Free Udemy Course, was a scary thing to put together, but since I launched the course over a year ago, I have helped over 3700 students to discover an easy method for setting up their own advertising platform, with a plan for helping them create an income for themselves online.

Blogging For Profit - July 2018

Although no direct income was earned from the course itself, I have gone on to make commissions from those who have taken the leap of faith and set up a WA account, from my recommendations.

My advise is to start small and work on your online business in the time you have available. Spread the love of your work on social media and you too, can start to have your very own thriving online business.

Reading the above, did anything spark an a-ha moment. Have you had similar thoughts when it comes to starting/growing an online business. I love to read your comments. Please drop me a message below.

To your huge success – Richard

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