Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

If you’ve been checking out Wealthy Affiliate and are looking for some Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories, then congrats to you on finding this article !

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Of course, it always pays to do your homework on ANY program online … Why wouldn’t you ???

It’s always sound advise to check out any program online, to find out A) what their success rate is and B) How successful someone has been within their program, so why should WA be any different ?

Simple answer is – It shouldn’t be any different … Do your homework and that way you will feel confident in either joining or declining to become a member of any online program.

I’m not going to say WHY I love been part of their program (although I could probably write a Thesis on it – but I don’t want to bore you, so instead, I’m going to delve a little bit into minds on other successful entrepreneurs, who really are just like me and you and have made the decision that they want to turn their life around and build an online business for themselves …

Let’s check out a few of the very successful members at WA and dive into some of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories, which I know you are going to love hearing more about … (Quick note, if you do decide to jump on-board at WA, make sure you follow and pay attention to what these highly successful individuals have to say – You’ll learn an AWFUL lot from them)

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Back At 5 Figures: I Earned $10,640,56 in August 2018 (EddySalomon)

I’m happy to report I’ve finally hit a 5 figure month in 2018. This past month I earned $10,640.56. It’s probably more than that, but I’m only counting programs I can easily pull the data and tend be consistent for me every month. lol

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VEGAS Baby! Here I Come! (JerryHuang)



I’ve been checking my phone the whole day for the “New WA Commission” noification.

The waiting for the last few is always the toughest as you are too excited and really can’t wait for it. So everything feels damn slow!

But anyway, I just finished my lunch and checked my phone once again.

There it is…

“Congratulations! A New WA Commission!”


I can offically say that I’m the youngest to make it to Vegas!

I’m going to Vegas next year with my girlfriend whom I plan to marry next year as well.

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My WA Affiliate Commission Report For August 2018 (AffTraining)

I’m back with my Wealthy Affiliate commission report for August of 2018. This is my third month doing a commission report, so if you want to see my previous commission reports you can check those out here:

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Why Am I Still A Wealthy Affiliate Member After 8 Years? (nathaniell)

I started internet marketing while living in China. The idea was that I could make American money while in China, and live like a King. I could make money in different time zones and, and essentially have cash flow 24/7. I didn’t realize then how well it would work.

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I will be adding even more success stories over the coming months, so keep checking back for our updates and newest members to turn their dreams into reality !

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